Water Walker
Floatation Device & Accessories

A circular floatation device with attachments that promotes independence and provides individuals with vertical position stability and support during water exercises and activities.

Ideal for people with muscular dystrophy, arthritis, joint replacements, neurological disorders, etc. Also ideal for therapist, because walkers allow working with more than one patient at a time.

Water Walkers are available in two styles: seat model supports hips at a comfortable angle; belt and sling strap model supports weight-bearing patients for hip extension. Chin and neck pad (sold separately.) Leg straps (sold separately) allow flexion, extension, hyperextension, adduction and abduction.

Shipped directly from manufacturer. Additional positioning and stability accessories available through special orders. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Latex free.

Size Water Walker w/ Seat Water Walker w/ Belt & Sling Leg Strap Chin and Neck Pad
Small (Up to 50 lbs.) $577.00 ea. $599.00 ea. add $33.00 pair add $38.00 pair
Medium (50-100 lbs.) $676.00 ea. $704.00 ea. add $38.00 pair add $38.00 pair
Large (Over 100 lbs.) $764.00 ea. $800.00 ea. add $44.00 pair add $38.00 pair

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